Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first mobile phone call in the UK.


To help Vodafone celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first UK phone call. We took people on a trip down memory lane to show just how far we’ve come.


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We took visitors back to 1984 with a street in Covent Garden where visitors could experience everything they now take for granted through their mobiles.

Featuring shop fronts, a cobbled street, photo booths, a digital post box, street furniture and actors in character as 80’s Londoners, every store featured a digital layer of activation bringing the experience right back to the present.

  • The Vodafone Store was the hero of the street, styled as a replica of one of their first retail shops in the UK.
  • Spotify Records brought a current app used by millions back to its roots, with a fully functioning record store where you could scan a record and Spotify would create a digital playlist based on that LP.
  • NOW TV store was a fitting tribute to the long-lost VHS rental shop, fitted out with over 300 well-known films with hidden vouchers in the VHS covers.
  • A News Stand and a digital postbox allowed visitors sent real postcards from the 80’s that were scanned and sent to friends' social channels.
  • Vodafone 4G Arcade, a neon-lit homage to an 80s arcade, fitted with arcade games that inspired the one on our phones today, Snake on an oversized Nokia 3210, as well a crane grabber offering some retro goodies.
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Along with a special Kight Rider appearance, We combined the old guard with the new in a special concert exclusive for Vodafone Customers - RUN DMC played an exclusive gig with upcoming talent Raleigh Ritchie to commemorate 30 years since the release of their ground breaking album Raising Hell. The concert was streamed live over the Vodafone network with multiple 360º cameras that users could customise their viewing experience by downloading an exclusive app.


The activation received press coverage exceeding 850 articles across 13 Vodafone markets and over 2500 mentions in social media generating 75 million impressions.

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